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We are Celebrating Pollinators at Wye Marsh

We are Celebrating Pollinators at Wye Marsh

Wye Marsh Pollinator Event

Join us Saturday August 5, 2017 for Wye Marsh’s Celebrating Pollinators Event. Included with general admission, this unique event celebrates all things related to Pollinators – bees, butterflies, wildflowers and their importance to our ecosystem.

Activities Include:

Monarch Butterfly display and children’s activities 11 am to 3 pm, Monarch tag & release at 1 pm. Join Heather of Butterfly Kisses Educational Outreach to learn about Monarch conservation and watch her tag & release Monarch butterflies.

Tour and informational talk at our Bee House. Join Denise of Bonnie Bee Honey to learn all about these wonderful creatures. 11:30 am.

Wildlife Preservation Canada’s Native Pollinator Initiative team presentation and interactive bee walk. Learn about the importance of pollinators, their decline, as well as develop skills in bumble bee catch-and-release monitoring and identification. 1:30 pm.

Informational talk & tour of our Wildflower and Pollinator gardens. Join Laura from Hidden Habitat to learn which plants create the most pollinator interactions and how to grow & maintain a wildlife-friendly garden. 10:30 am.

Tiny Township’s Protecting our Pollinators information booth 10 am to 4 pm.

Plus hike the wonderful trails, spot frogs & turtles from the floating boardwalk, visit with the Birds of Prey or observe birds and other waterfowl from one of the observation blinds.

For more about Wye Marsh please visit

To the Market We Go

To the Market We Go

Gravenhurst Farmer's MarketWe are excited to be a guest vendor at the Gravenhurst Farmer’s Market this year.  On June 7, July 5 & August 9 we will be selling a variety of native plants perfect for the Muskoka home or cottage.  We look forward to seeing you there shopping local, shopping Muskoka.

The Market opens May 17, 2017 and is held every Wednesday from 9am to 2pm at the Muskoka Wharf – Special Events field.

We will be attending the following dates:
June 7, July 5 & August 9, 2017

If you would like to pre-order plants for pick up at the market please order by Tuesday 1pm.  For a list of what we have in stock please visit our plant page.

Benefits of Using Native Plants

Benefits of Using Native Plants

Native vegetation evolved to live with the local climate, soil types, and animals. This long process brings us several gardening advantages*.

  • Save Water:
    Once established, native plants need little to any irrigation beyond normal rainfall.
  • Low Maintenance:
    Low maintenance landscaping methods are a natural fit with native plants that are already adapted to the local environment. Look forward to using less water, little to no fertilizer, little to no pesticides, less pruning, and less of your time.
  • Pesticide Freedom:
    Native plants have developed their own defenses against many pests and diseases. Since most pesticides kill indiscriminately, beneficial insects become secondary targets in the fight against pests. Reducing or eliminating pesticide use lets natural pest control take over and keeps garden toxins out of our creeks and watersheds.
  • Wildlife Viewing:
    Native plants, birds, butterflies, beneficial insects, and interesting critters are “made for each other.”
  • Support Local Ecology:
    Gardens, small and large can provide a “bridge” to nearby remaining wildlands.

* Proper consideration of  the plant’s soil, light and moisture requirements when planting is important for reaping the full benefits.


Watch Douglas Tallamy, author of Bringing Nature Home, speak about the importance of native plants in your garden.

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