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Growing Native Plants from Seed

Growing Native Plants from Seed

When: September 20, 2018 6:30pm to 8 pm
Where: Hidden Habitat 2017 Southwood Road, Kilworthy P0E 1G0
$35 per participant

Learn the basics of how to grow your own native plants from seed, as well as some tips and tricks that will bring better results. The workshop will cover how to responsibly collect seeds, how to store them and how to germinate them indoors and outdoors.

The workshop will begin with a basic introduction into native plant gardening and plant selection and a tour of the Hidden Habitat gardens in the making.

In the workshop participants will:

  • learn which plants are ideal to grow from seed
  • learn how and when to seed a variety of Ontario native grasses and wildflower seeds
  • learn how and when to collect seeds from your own garden
  • learn the benefits and drawbacks to direct seeding outdoors vs. germinating indoors
  • learn methods of seed preparation such as cold moist stratification and seed scarification.
  • enjoy warming beverages and light refreshments around an open fire
  • leave excited about the possibilities in your own garden

Workshop will be held partially outdoors and hands on so please dress for the weather and for the garden.

Registration opening soon.

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