Whether you have a small patio or a large acreage, Hidden Habitat can design an outdoor oasis not only for you and your family, but for the wildlife that call your space home too.  By considering the needs of wild species and incorporating them into our designs we create landscapes that are interactive, beautiful and unique.

Every design is unique to the values of the individual home or cottage owner. We ensure all of our gardens are supporting wildlife and look good all four seasons. We don’t believe that you should have to compromise beauty for function.  You can have the landscape you desire whether it be modern or traditional.

We offer design services for every scale of project, from small gardens to full landscape plans.

Habitat Garden Plan

Let us take the guesswork out of planning your garden bed.  Leave the plant selection and design process to us. We can provide you with a thoughtful design that compliments your existing landscaping and considers your design goals and site conditions.  Every design incorporates a diversity of colour and texture throughout the year with blooms from spring to fall.  Your plant list will include Ontario native species* that support the species you wish to encourage from pollinators to songbirds, salamanders or all of the above.

*non-native species can be included upon request as long they are not considered an invasive species.

Average cost depending on size, $450-$850

What your plan includes:

  • One on-site consultation
  • Detailed planting plan drawn to scale
  • Plant list
  • Inspirational pictures
  • Maintenance Plan
  • 1 Revision
  • 10% discount on plants included in the plan

What is this best suited for?

The Habitat Garden Plan is suited for someone that is planning to add or rejuvenate an existing garden bed.  Although we will take into consideration the full landscape the design process will only centre on the garden bed(s). If you are planning on creating multiple garden beds within your landscape, we suggest having a full Landscape Plan created.

Landscape Plan

Let us create a unified design throughout your landscape that reflects your personality and showcases the full potential of your property.  Whether we are designing modern garden beds or naturalized plantings we always aspire to ensure our gardens support Ontario’s wildlife. We will include plants that support the full life cycle of pollinators and songbirds with plants that bloom from spring to fall and a diversity of larvae food host plants for butterflies and moths. Pathways and gathering places will be thoughtfully designed along with hardscapes and focal points as requested.

Average cost depending on size and scope of project, $950-$1,800

What your plan includes:

  • One on-site consultation
  • Site survey, base plan
  • Detailed planting plan drawn to scale
  • Plant list
  • Inspirational pictures
  • Maintenance Plan
  • 1 Revision
  • 10% discount on plants included in the plan

What is this best suited for?

The Landscape Plan is suited for someone that is looking to have a comprehensive plan for a larger space like the front yard, back yard or the full property. Creating a unifying design will ensure that all of your space is used to its full potential and best reflects the needs and values of you.

Investing in a landscape plan for your property can save you time and money down the road as you avoid planting regrettable garden beds or planting ill-suited plants.  A landscape plan can be established in stages as time and money allow, ensuring that over time the design remains consistent.

Landscape Design and Install Services

Not wanting to get your hands dirty.  We can make your design a reality.  Installation services are an additional fee, dependent on the scope of the project.

For some gardens, we can skip the design and get right to the install with an on-site consult and informal plan that details plant selection and design requirements.

Low-maintenance Landscapes

At Hidden Habitat we are experts in low-maintenance landscapes.  We create sustainable, regenerative landscapes using native plants and designs that consider the ecology of your landscape so that you won’t have to water, fertilize or frequently maintain your gardens. Our gardens are not no-maintenance and we would be wary of any company promoting a garden as being 100% maintenance-free. Watering in the first season and weeding are usually all that is required. To ensure success we include a maintenance plan with every design. These plans also include tips on how to best maintain your garden for wildlife.

Contact us today for a garden design quote and discover your own hidden habitat.

705.828.6313 | info@hiddenhabitat.ca

Supporting native species in your landscapes also supports a healthier lifestyle, saves you money and time, and can provide you with thrilling moments of nature appreciation.

Have your efforts recognized by the Canadian Wildlife Federation Backyard Habitat Certification Program.   The program recognizes the amazing efforts you are taking to meet the habitat needs of wildlife and allows you to have your property officially designated as wildlife friendly.

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