Create your own custom native plant plug tray. Choose from 1-14 species to be pre-sown into your custom 98 plug tray.

Native plant seeded plug tray

Each custom plug tray comes with:

  • A selection of Ontario native seed species sown into a soilless mixture of peat, vermiculate and perlite for best germination results.
  • Plant identification markers
  • A growing from seed guide
  • Growing conditions on your selection of plant species


Select the species from our list of seeds. Choose from one to fourteen species. Each tray has 98 (7×14) cells. We recommend choosing 7 species to give you an equally distributed number of plants. If you would like to have specific number of cells (multiples of 7 are best) for each plant (i.e. 21 Common Milkweed, 14 Blue Vervain, 14 Stiff Goldenrod, 28 Indian Grass, 21 Branched Coneflower) please let us know in the comments box during checkout. If no note is made, we will evenly distribute the number of species in the tray.

Available seasonally, November to February for $34.95

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Image shows seeds not sown completely. Seed in the custom seeded plug trays will be covered and sown.