Native Ontario Seeds.  Sustainably harvested from the fields and forests of Muskoka.


As a small native seed supplier, we are fortunate to be able to provide our customers with seeds that are sustainably harvested from our 88 acres in Muskoka as well as from our cultivated native plant plots.

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Flat-topped aster seed head

Ontario Wild Harvested Seeds

All of our seeds that are wild-harvested adhere to the North America Native Plant Society’s seed collecting guidelines, ensuring the sustainability of the plant community as well as the wildlife that may rely on it.


Cultivated Native Plant Seeds

For species that we do have access to or feel we could sustainably collect from we harvest from our cultivated plots.  The origin of the plants are from Ontario native seed stock.


If you have any further questions about our seeds or even just want to chat about seeds please reach out.  We love to talk about seeds.

You can reach us at 705-828-6313 and


For guidance on how to best sow your native plant seeds please read our seeding instructions.